Review: Urban Decay De slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray

So, I have real trouble keeping my makeup on in summer. In general really. Put me in a warm room and my makeup slowly slides its way down my face! Lovely image there… Primer only takes me so far, so when I heard about this product I couldn’t resist it.

Does it keep my makeup in place? Yes. Including when I have been gardening after work and have applied sunscreen? Yes. Including in the past week where it has been super hot, I’ve been quite sweaty (blergh) and normally I would get to the end of the day and have no makeup left? Yes.

It doesn’t quite stop the oil coming through. On a good day, when it isn’t too warm and I’m not running round like a loon, yes, I will stay relatively shine free. Most days I will have a quite shiny face though, no worse than usual though. Actually slightly better. Nothing a bit of powder won’t solve.

It’s easy to apply, dries quickly and frankly… works! What more could you want than a makeup base that stays on all day?

So, some photos.

Urban Decay De slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray
At the start of the day

At the end of the day

Yes, that is still great coverage! Literally no touch ups, no re-powdering, no blotting (though this helps makeup withstand blotting better too!), nothing bar lipbalm application throughout the day! I haven’t edited any of these photos whatsoever either.

I wanted to so a proper comparison with using it and not using it. I have done some photographs attempting this however with the weather how it has been and having to apply a lot of sunscreen at work I haven’t been able to do this properly or fairly. 
However, even with just these photos you can see how well my makeup has stayed on my face. I used the Rimmel wake me up foundation as my base. At the end of the day I basically have the same coverage as at the start! Amazing! Sure, I’m a little shiny but as I have said – nothing a little powdering down wont help with.

My only niggle. I do feel this is clogging up my skin slightly. If I use this every day I have to use an exfoliator more regularly. A deeper cleansing one too. I’m a little concerned it might break me out but nothing major to report on that front so far. Just make sure if you use this to deep cleanse afterwards!

Is this something you need in your life? Its been an amazing find for me and has made applying makeup when I know I wont be able to touch up a stress free task 🙂

Fleur xoxo


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