FOTD: I Kid You Not

I’ve been looking for my perfect MAC eye shadow base shade. I’ve tried naked lunch (could barely see it – perhaps in summer) and all that glitters (slightly… orange?). I then randomly decided to try out kid, the shade I had been using in my crease, as my all over shade. You know what? It worked! This is the most buttery soft eyeshadow I have from MAC. It is beautiful to work with, blends easily and genuinely has made me super happy the past few days!

MAC peaches blush getting a sneaky picture in there

Shadows Used
Base wash – MAC kid
Crease – MAC handwritten
Line – MAC sumptuous olive
I’m so glad this popped into my head as something to try! I’m sure I will find the right time and place for naked lunch and all that glitters but for every day – they aren’t right for me.
Fleur xoxo

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