Review: The Body Shop Beautifying Oil

I bought these when they were released because they tempted me. Also because they were on a reduced introduction price and I had a code for 25% off. Which meant I bought them for £5 each! Not bad really, for just wanting to try something out. Even at full price (basically double that) they are reasonably priced.

Coconut Beautifying Oil

Shea Beautifying Oil

I bought the shea and coconut ones – which have some of that oil in the mix. The other oils included are: kukui, sweet almond and marula oil. The overall scent is definitely of these oils. With the shea oil you can smell more of the shea but the coconut is very much overpowered by the ‘base’ oils. As the base oils smell pretty amazing this doesn’t bother me but I was looking forward to the smell of coconut.

I have been keeping one on my bedside table and one in my gym bag.

What can you use them for? ‘Body, face and hair’, suggests the packaging. I use them on my cuticles and they work wonders. As well as on my hands which look far healthier when I use this in addition to my hand cream. I use it in my hair at night, washing it out in the morning and it leaves my hair super soft, super silky, amazingly glossy and just beautiful. As a body oil this is lovely. It sinks in quickly and leaves skin smelling lovely, silky smooth and healthy looking. I have used this on my face too. I was more dubious about doing this. A really small amount leaves skin completely moisturised, non-oily but glowing from within. I also tried them on my lips, just to see what it could do. Whilst not a lip balm they did leave my lips feeling nice and I would use these under lip balm for a bit of extra help when my lips are dry.

Can you tell I liked this product?

The main thing I like about these is that whilst moisturising and nourishing these don’t feel like they weigh you down. They are great for massaging into the whole body to relax in the evening. Then to wake up in the morning and have the silkiest, softest skin. They are really multipurpose and I would definitely take these travelling. A really small amount would do as a face cream substitute for night as well as a body and hand moisturiser. Great for when you only have your see-through plastic bag in which to fit everything!

I will most definitely be trying more of these multipurpose oils in future. I’m tempted to get a few more scents when I next go into a Body Shop!

Fleur xoxo


2 thoughts on “Review: The Body Shop Beautifying Oil

  1. Fleur says:

    I'm sorry, I don't. Having seen the lady I live with use coconut oil though, I would say these are probably quite a bit lighter. They also have a fair few extraneous ingredients in them as well, such as fragrance. Which might put you off if you are looking for something quite natural. However, they are really nice and I enjoy using them. I'd say if you wait for an offer on them, you can try them at a reasonable price and then if they aren't quite what you want it wouldn't matter too much.


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