Pet Peeves and Reporting Back

This is going to be a slightly random post. I promised in a couple of my last posts to report back to you about certain things. Then I just thought I’d talk about something which is annoying me at the moment!

Reporting Back

Last Sunday, I did a honey and oat face mask. Whilst this looked really strange on, it actually left my skin feeling really nice. I think it brought a couple of spots up to the surface, left my skin looking clearer, tighter and a little healthier. All in all not bad!

I also used the Boots No7 nail brightener. I have since discovered that this doesn’t seem to be being produced any more! This is massively disappointing. This lasted amazingly on my nails. My hands and nails get so much abuse at work and this lasted 5 whole days. Amazing. It continued to make my nails look super healthy and glossy. I fully intend to wear this on a weekly basis. However, I will also be looking for a back up for when this runs out. Time for a bit of nail varnish shopping!

Pet Peeves

Just one for now. I’ve had my hair all different lengths throughout my life. From extremely short to really long. To illustrate this, just a few photos from age 18 to 22. So literally just in the past 4 years. The trend of haircuts continues before this but getting photos of those would be harder as they are not online or on this laptop.

Summer ’11

Summer ’08

Autumn ’08

Spring ’09

Spring ’09

Summer ’09

Summer ’09

Summer ’09

Summer ’10

Summer ’10

Spring ’11

Spring ’12 – Current

Winter ’09

Winter ’10

This is a random selection of photos, in a random order. You can really see I’ve had all kinds of length hair. Sure, the longest it has been hasn’t been super long. It was down past my boobs though – so I think you can definitely class that as long!!!

The thing that annoys me is when people say ‘I’m having my hair cut really short, super short, I’m really nervous, its going to be so radical’. I always get really excited, thinking ‘ooooh, I’m looking forward to seeing this’. I love a radical haircut. I love seeing people when they totally go for it and have a completely new cut and look amazing. Then I see these people with their ‘radical, short cuts’ and they’ve had a couple of inches off the bottom. So its just below shoulder length or something. So longer than my (blonde, long) summer ’09 cut. NO. That isn’t radical. Its definitely not short. Its barely interesting.

Sure, I know most people are really attached to their hair. Especially long haired girls. I’ve been told by so many people that I’m ‘brave’ for regularly having my hair chopped into a variety of cuts. Sure, in summer ’10, when I had my hair cut ridiculously short, I felt a little sick. I was wanting to grow my hair out. However, I was off on a 5 week expedition to Svalbard – where I wasn’t able to have a proper wash the entire time I was out there. So yeah, My hair went super short and I’m really glad of that. The girl who kept her think ponytail had a horrible time of it and looked even more disgusting than the rest of us. Looking at these photos is tempting me to go super short again.

Not only that, I look in hair magazines for inspiration and I might as well just look in the male section. In the female half the ‘short’ styles seem to be bobs or generic elfin crops. Oh and to me and bob is not a short hair cut, okay.

This really, really annoys me. More than anything. All I can say is at least no-one has said this to my face yet. I honestly think I would laugh. I was even talking to my hairdresser last time I was there. She was saying to me ‘I’m always relieved when you come in asking for something crazy. I know you actually mean it and won’t be annoyed / disappointed when I give you what you ask for. There are so few people who actually mean it when they say they want a radical, short haircut. I’ve probably got 2 customers, including you who really want interesting haircuts.’. How sad is that by the way. The first time she cut my hair I went in with two long plaits down my back. With a picture from Vogue. Of a Russian model with a bob not dissimilar to Jessie J’s. Except with almost steps cut into the sides down from my face. A pretty radical cut to say the least. She cut them both my plaits right off where they hit the bottom of my head.

So basically what I want to say is: don’t be afraid of change. Its liberating. Hair grows back. Experiment. Try things out. You only have one life, you might as well have fun. You might find a haircut you love. However, if you can’t do that. If you like you’re hair how it is and every little thing is a big change for you… That’s fine, honestly its fine. Just don’t pretend its actually radical in the real world.

Sorry if this has upset you. Sorry its a bit ranty. Its just my twopence worth.

Fleur xoxo


6 thoughts on “Pet Peeves and Reporting Back

  1. Fleur says:

    I really fancy something different too. I'd love to chop it again and go really elfin. Except that I'm enjoying being able to tie it back for the first time in years too much to do that yet. I think I might dye my hair pink over the summer though. Its something I've always thought about doing and I think this might be the year!


  2. Fleur says:

    I did make a fair few sweeping generalisations in my post 😛 The 'inspiration' if you will was the number of people I know who have had 'dramatic, short haircuts' recently, where if they hadn't told me they were having a cut… I wouldn't have noticed :/

    Yes, going from waist length hair to a bob is definitely a vastly dramatic change and I will concede that in your case, a bob is a short hair cut! I very much admire your ability to grow your hair that long in the first place. I get bored so easily – hence my ever changing hair cut.

    Its a real shame the bob didn't suit you. I think its a hard look to pull off – especially if you had a blunt fringe? I know I can't have a bob with a fringe – I end up looking like I have an apple for a face!

    Thank you, I'm so tempted to get it cut short again but I'm growing it out 😦 Mainly so I can have a go at dip dying it and potentially trying out a perm. Just because I'm curious as to how it would look…


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