Glossybox: April

So, I may have received my April Glossybox a few weeks ago now but I wanted to give all the products a thorough test before I told you about them. To me, whilst it is interesting seeing what everyone received – I also want to know whether the products were any good – or if any were outstanding. So, I’ve been trying all the products out and I’ve made my mind up on them.

I liked the idea of the April box, I enjoy using more natural products where I can (though I have been failing more recently). Having stayed on an organic farm and talked a lot to the farmer for several summers when I was younger, I very much believe in organic farming. The milk and beef from the cows he reared was the most amazing I have ever tasted. The local Italian restaurant used his unpasturised milk to produce ice cream, honestly I have never tasted better. I would get on a train and go back there in an instant if I could. I also prefer putting natural ingredients on my skin, there are certain chemicals I try to avoid. So this was a great opportunity to try out some products which I might not otherwise have tried.

So what did I think of the products themselves?

Caudalie – Vinosource SOS Thirst-Quenching Serum

This smells great – quite like Estee Lauder’s Idealist serum. I can’t say I noticed any difference in my skin whilst I have been using it. My skin doesn’t look or feel more hydrated. I used it on the driest patches of my face and all over. Whilst this had no negative effect, it didn’t have a positive one either. I will finish it up, because it is a reasonable under moisturiser serum but I wouldn’t buy it for myself.

Inika Cosmetics – Certified Organic Eyeliner

I received the shade purple minx – which I was really glad about. I don’t usually use black eyeliner and I have several blue ones already. I have MAC’s prunella but I was glad to have a matte black eyeliner to try. It applies smoothly enough. The staying power isn’t the best if you layer it over a base but straight onto the skin it is reasonable. The colour is one I like and will wear. It is not a bright purple – so relatively subtle. Trying this has made me gain an interest in this brand and I will be looking them up to see about other products I might like to try.

Ayuuri – Natural Body Wash

I received the beige coloured, indian jasmine, coconut and aloe vera one.  This has left my skin soft, clean, refreshed but moisturised. It doesn’t strip my skin but it still feels very cleansing. The scent initially put me off. It is quite overpoweringly sweet and slightly sickly. Once I got over my aversion I started really enjoying it though. I will definitely be buying this in all the scents to try.

Figs and Rouge – Rambling Rose Lip Balm

This turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. I think I was expecting amazing things having read reviews online. I loved the scent (though it is more of a geranium than a rose) and the consistency is nice and it applies well. It is a good base for lipstick. However, it is just not hydrating or long lasting enough for my lips. Sure, it possibly lasts a couple of hours – so it is good! But not as good as many of the other balms I use. However, it is great for cuticles and dry skin. So as a multipurpose balm, especially for travelling, this would be perfection. I would potentially repurchase for that reason. It is also good, of an evening, whilst sat at my laptop. That way I can enjoy the smell and reapply easily when necessary. The packaging is also beautiful  always helps…

Kai – Perfume Oil

Frankly, I know nothing about perfume. I can quote verbatim what they say about this product on their website. Or on the Glossybox card. That seems slightly pointless. I like this scent. I can happily wear it all day and want to apply more in the evening. I want to sit with my wrist against my nose just drowning my senses in it. Its very floral, quite sweet but not at all heavy. I like that it is an oil. I can apply it anywhere and everywhere and I don’t have alcohol drying out my skin. The price is the only thing that would stop me repurchasing. Though realistically the price is in line with most other fragrances.Sorry for the massive post, just wanted to give a good sized review of each. I think I had a superb Glossybox this month. Mainly because I enjoyed receiving 3 full sized products (very spoilt!) and 4 that I would repurchase (always a bonus!). 

Fleur xoxo

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