L’Oreal Rouge Caresse – Fashionista Pink

I thought I would give you a quick look at my latest purchase. Another L’Oreal Rouge Caresse. I was going to buy another Revlon lipbutter but then I ended up at the L’Oreal stand… I think the fact I just don’t get on with the glitter in the peach parfait lip butter is putting me off trying more. It’s one of those ‘I know I love the L’Oreal product – so wouldn’t it make sense to buy a different shade of that than try something different?’.

I’ve been wearing my Caresse in nude ingenue at work and loving it. I prefer the colour, texture, feel on my lips… The only thing that isn’t (quite) as good is the staying power. Though my lips have been drier recently as I’ve been trying a different lipsalve…

Anyway, back to the point. I decided to go for fashionista pink. I really fancied a super light pink and I was curious to try it. I’ve got quite a few swatches to try and show you what it is like!

L’Oreal Rouge Caresse – Fashionista Pink


Really sheer and a delicate colour. Please excuse my weird liney hands! I’d been sat on them :/ 

It has a creamy lip gloss like effect (with none of the stickiness). It’s slightly blue toned which I like. It doesn’t have the same colour pay-off that the other shades I have tried have but I like it nonetheless. I can see myself wearing this to the beach or on a picnic or over a lipstick instead of a gloss. Its very easy to wear (even easier than the others!) and I think I will be working my way through the tube of this in no time at all…

Fleur xoxo


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