NOTD: Boots No7 So Bright Nail Brightener

My nails have been getting some hard wear and tear at work. To the point where they have started flaking at the ends – never a good look. To stop this spreading down my nails, I thought I would buff them down and apply nail varnish. Then hopefully but super conditioning my cuticles throughout this week I can start building myself some stronger nails!

The Boots No7 so bright nail brightener is the varnish I chose to apply. When most people talk about a ‘my nails but better’ varnish – they mean a greige. The varnish I chose is literally a ‘my nails but better’. You can still see the nail through the varnish. It is a very sheer coat of a pinky-peach colour that lifts the nails. They look super healthy and shiny but still look natural.

I applied a base coat (which has gone gloopy argh! So I need to go out and get a new one – perhaps one that will improve my nails too – recommendations welcome!!!) followed by two coats of the varnish.

I really like how this looks on my nails and I’m hoping it will keep them in reasonable condition. They look so healthy and I feel more polished (ha) when I have varnish on. It has already survived one day at work (honestly, I was expecting chips galore) so I’m quite impressed. I will see how it holds up and report back to you! It has dried a little smudgy though I am blaming the base coat for that. It was so disgustingly sticky…

What do you think of this? Would you choose to wear a varnish like this? Or is it too much effort for something you barely notice?

Fleur xoxo


2 thoughts on “NOTD: Boots No7 So Bright Nail Brightener

  1. Fleur says:

    I'm devastated to discover they don't make this anymore! Why?? Though there is one from Nicole by OPI that looks really similar which I might try. Or I might flick through ebay… I need this product in my life!


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