An Edible Face Mask

It seems at the moment like I barely get a moment to myself. I do love being busy but I do also love having my weekends to myself… This weekend my boy came to visit – which was so lovely. I had the best time and his (interesting) sleeping habits have meant I had super long lie-ins and actually feel refreshed for once. I’m even looking forward to work tomorrow!

I’ve had my Sunday evening to myself. So decided to try out a home made face mask, watch a bit of tv and paint my nails (notd tomorrow). I’ve always been interested in making my own face masks. The ones in pharmacies never suited my skin (or at least the ones I could afford)! I used to avidly print ‘recipes’ for face masks off the internet but never actually got round to making any. Mainly because I didn’t want to ask my mum ‘can I have an avocado and a banana – I want to make a face mask?’ when I was younger… I’ve got past that now.

So, I had seen a recipe for quite simply a honey face mask. I thought I would mix it up a little and throw in some oats. This is what I did:

1 tablespoon of honey
1 handful of porridge oats

Mix together and heat in the microwave for 20s. Leave to cool (whilst you remove your make-up and cleanse your skin). When it is hand-hot smear all over the face and leave for 15mins. When coming to remove it, add lukewarm water and massage into the skin. This gently exfoliates the skin as it washes off. It washes off well and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. Follow with your usual moisturising routine.

In the bowl

On my face – looking slightly like I have strange facial growths…

I quite enjoyed this. It does feel slightly like you are smudging flapjack into your face. It also tastes slightly like flapjack if you happen to eat any! Perfectly acceptable as it is literally food, all over your face!

My skin feels soft and thoroughly cleaned. It doesn’t feel irritated and it isn’t red. I might try it again with a splash of olive oil.

I think home made face masks are the way forward for me. I feel very pampered and relaxed. Perfect end to a lovely weekend 🙂

Fleur xoxo


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