Review: Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Ultra-Softening Lotion

After my review yesterday I felt I should counteract the bad with some good. Some really good! Another product that has been an absolute miracle for me.

I initially tried this product when it first came out. I had just run out of body lotion and this happened to be on offer – a 200ml (?) bottle for £1. Bargain! That turned out to be the cheapest lotion avaliable (bar I think Sainsburys Basics something-or-another and whilst I was feeling penniless and in need of body lotion to tide me over till I could get to a drugstore… Maybe not), so I went for it. Its one of those lucky moments where you just pick up something randomly and it turns out to be amazing. I didn’t believe the hype on the bottle. In fact I’m not sure I even bothered to read it till after I bought it. I just chose out one that was suitable for super dry skin and went for it.

I’ve actually managed to get through a fair few bottles of this stuff now. I slather my body in lotion every single day. Sometimes twice a day if it is particularly angry – so yeah, I use up body lotion quickly. I’ve tried two types of this now (pictured above). I’ve only just started my bottle of the shea butter one but it seems to give the same effect.

Before Christmas I was living in Manchester and when I went home for Christmas I didn’t bring this with me. I knew I had lotion to use up at home. I also received more lotion as presents. So I had about 3 months where I wasn’t using this. I could tell the difference when I returned to using this. I could really tell the difference.

With every other body lotion I have tried my body is dry, scaly, itchy, red, bumpy. Even ones I have thought were great I had scaly skin on my legs and my arms were blotchy. I would have to apply every single day without fail or the next day my body would just feel horrendous.

This body lotion changed all that. The claims on the back are to soften and hydrate skin for 48 hours: ‘After only 7 days of use, skin’s quality is dramatically improved – dryness -49%, roughness -25% and suppleness +26%’. The small print is ‘After twice daily application for 4 weeks…’.

It. Actually. Works.

I didn’t even need the twice daily application for 4 weeks. I needed a couple of days of application to already tell the difference.

My skin has actually been transformed. Sure, I still get days where I itch. When my skin doesn’t look ideal. I should still apply this every day BUT it doesn’t matter so much if I skip a day. It isn’t the end of the world. I don’t apply it twice a day. I do apply a body oil at night to my knees, feet and elbows but they need the extra tlc. My skin feels hydrated, soft and looks beautiful. I feel like getting my legs out, I’m not ashamed that they’re all scaly and revolting – because they aren’t any more. I feel more confident about my upper arms. I actually feel more confident and happy in my skin in general. That’s how big a difference having skin that is playing ball makes to my life. That’s how big a difference this product has made to my life.

The product absorbs fast enough. I’m used to using (for example) E45 on my body which takes an age to absorb. So its not something I’m too worried about. For reference though it absorbs an awful lot faster than the Body Shop body butters. I can faff around for a minute or so and my skin will be ready for clothes. It also smells pretty delicious. Think slightly chocolately. Though the smell doesn’t linger which I like (I’d end up too hungry :P).

It’s not even expensive. You can get a 400ml bottle for £4.99. Quite often you can find it on offer and get it for even less – for example you can currently get it in Superdrug for 2.99. Can’t really argue with that. I also use less that I used to. As I’m not applying morning and night, I get through a bottle half as quickly. Which makes it even more affordable!

This review might seem slightly OTT but I’ve tried a lot of body lotions. I’ve been trying them since I was 11/12 and my skin started drying out (i.e. when I hit puberty). You get to try quite a lot of body lotions when you use them every day and often get through a 200ml bottle in about month. Right now this is the one. I have never tried anything better.

What are you’re favourite body lotions? Do recommend ones to me as I’m always willing to try something new just in case its the best thing I’ve ever tried.

Fleur xoxo


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