Haul! What I bought in London

I said I did some shopping in London and that I would show you what I bought. The weather has been consistently disgusting all week though, so I haven’t been able to take photographs. Well, it brightened up slightly just now – so I dashed into the conservatory and took these Still not great but *sighs* it will have to do.

First of all some post cards. From the Damian Hirst exhibition and the Yayoi Kusama exhibition. I didn’t actually go to the latter but the bright beach ball type things you saw in my London post were in the cafe next to that exhibition. Having seen them I had to have a peek at the postcards – so glad I did!

Muji purchase! I can’t get enough of these facial blotting tissues. They cost Ā£1.89 and they just work. You can see when you use them how much oil they are soaking up. I love them so much I had to buy another pack so I don’t run out any time soon. They live in my handbag. Nice packaging too.

H and M purchases. I bought a grey hoodie. My old zip-through hoodie died, so I really needed to get a new one. This was inexpensive but still soft and fluffy and warm!

Floral vest top. I was feeling the need for a bit of easy-to-wear florals in my life. This paired with jeans and the above hoodie is a really comfortable outfit but still interesting.

It might be disgusting weather now but I am keeping my fingers crossed for some sunshine soon. If not. I AM going on holiday this summer and will take this with me.

Floral leggings! Eeeek! These are super bright and super crazy but I love them. I’m absolutely in love with all the florals around at the moment and these are perfect for the transition from winter to spring (I’m not accepting that its spring, its just too chilly).

I bought this to go with the leggings. Its a beautiful yellow and has a sheer, longer length back – that helpfully covers my bottom when I’m wearing the legging whilst letting the florals show through! Awesome.

Uniqlo purchases. Blogger has been super, super annoying and rotated this photo – no, I want it the other way round!!! ARGH. You’ll have to cope and I will bear this in mind for the future. This is made of slightly jersey type material whilst still looking smart. I’ve wanted a blazer for ages and finally found one. You can roll the sleeves up to show the same fabric as is in the back of the collar.

Cute, slightly sheer jumper. I can see myself pairing this with jeans and a vest top a lot this Spring / in general. It’s loose fitting, casual but smart at the same time.

This photo shows the colour a little better…

Sheer top. I’ve been looking for a sheer blouse for a while now but I just haven’t liked any of them. When I tried this on, I loved it. Its far more ‘me’ than a sheer pussy-bow blouse ever would be. Its just a little bit different šŸ™‚

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what I bought. I rarely go clothes shopping, maybe 4/5 times a year, at a push. So whilst this might seem like a fair few things (probably not, it just seems like an awful lot to me…) I’m not doing this regularly! That’s my updated wardrobe for summer, right here šŸ™‚ Probably need to get a bikini and go shoe shopping soon though *sighs*.

What have you bought for summer?

Love xoxo


8 thoughts on “Haul! What I bought in London

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