London Birthday

It was my mum’s birthday last Saturday and we went to London! It was absolutely disgusting weather or I would have more exciting photos to show you. I just didn’t want to get my camera soaked!

First we went shopping, always exciting in the larger London stores. We went to Muji, H and M, Uniqlo and Marks and Spencer. I bought a few too many things but all of them things I had wanted for a while… I will do a haul for you soon.

We then went to the Tate Modern to see the Damian Hirst exhibition. Dashing through Borough market on the way there (somewhere I need to go back to soon)! Whilst I couldn’t take photos inside the exhibition I have some from outside which are good fun.



I was loving these!

After the exhibition we went to The Real Greek. I really like this restaurant. I love Greek food more than any other kind of food (if that’s possible – I do love food). I ate so much I felt horrifically full but it was totally worth it!

Fresh mint tea – delicious.

Live Greek music. Loving life 🙂 Greek music never fails to make my feet tap.

Wind swept and rained on but super happy

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of my day. The cake I made for my mum turned out really well but before I had a chance to photograph it she had already taken a massive chunk out of it! Haha, oh well. You can tell it is being appreciated and that is the main thing. I might make some cupcakes with the same recipe (cherry, almond and lemon cake). If I do I will manage to take a photo of them before they are snaffled.

Clothes haul and some OOTD’s are coming up. I also have a product I’d like to give you my opinion of – unfortunately I didn’t get on with it. What are your thoughts on that? Do you appreciate a review even if it isn’t a good one? Do let me know!

Love xoxo


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