NOTD: Boots Natural Collections in Champagne

Yesterday I went to London with my mum for her birthday, more on that tomorrow! This was the nail varnish I chose to wear – I had to paint my nails on the train as I hadn’t had time the night before – so I wanted something easy to apply, that dried quickly and wouldn’t look awful if I painted slightly outside the nail (which I actually managed not to compared to usual!).

Cute little bottle. I find the packaging relatively attractive. It’s simple but tasteful.

The brush is really quite small. That might be a downside for some of you but for me it means I can actually paint just my nails not the whole of my fingertip 😛 Sure it possibly takes longer but I’m such a klutz its amazing for me.

Close up slightly away from the light

I bought this varnish on a whim. I needed a little treat. A quick pick-me-up but I didn’t have the money for anything much. I’m so glad I went for this. For me its a great every day kind of colour. Its not too noticeable and its quite elegant. It’s probably one of my favourite varnishes. The best bit, you can buy it with change from £2.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend 🙂 and a big hello to my followers, thank you for reading all the random things I post!

Love xoxo


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