Review: Shu Uemura high performance balancing cleansing oil

I received a sample of the Shu Uemura cleansing oil in my March Glossybox and loved it. Really loved it. So much so that I decided I would buy it… I bought the classic high performance cleansing oil. This costs £28 for 150ml – so not entirely the cheapest cleanser! After much debating about whether it was worth the price, whether it was really that amazing or whether it was actually something else that was improving my skin… I just went for it. Eeeek!

Not the best photo – but I was enjoying the ‘halo’ of light  – so I went with it 😛

I use this at night (Shown with my other night-time skin care products)
Okay, to give you an idea of how much I’m using of this – the gap you can see at the top of the bottle – this wasn’t full to the top. It was about halfway up the gap you see. I’ve had this about a month now. I’ve used about a centimeter of product. If I keep using it at this rate, it might last me around a year? Possibly longer? Possibly a lot longer? That isn’t bad at all. That works out at about £2.30 a month. When you think of it like that, it almost seems cheap. 
Now into the proper review. What it does for my skin. 
I have normal-combination-oily skin. Basically relatively oily on my t-zone and relatively dry on my cheeks and neck. I also have keratosis pilaris, this is not self-diagnosed btw, I have been to a dermatologist and spent years of my life on various prescribed creams that attempt to help. This is a pretty common skin condition, characterised by little bumps mainly on the upper arms and thighs. I also have these on my face and neck though they are less obvious. It gets really bad in winter, very itchy and I just want to hide all my body and face away so no-one can see it. It makes applying foundation a pain and I don’t want anyone touching my face – great when you have a boyfriend. 
I use this after I have removed my eye make-up. I pump a little into the palm of my hand and massage into my skin (so relaxing). I emulsify with water then wash off. If I need to I will double cleanse my t-zone with a foaming cleanser after that. Its pretty simple to use. I also use it with my Soap and Glory facial mitt. I apply it and massage it in as usual. Then I pump a really tiny bit more onto the mitt and gently massage all over my face. It works well.
This has improved my skin tenfold. I have never tried any product that has improved my skin as much as this one alone. My cheeks feel soft and smooth – this is such a new experience I can’t stop stroking them! My skin looks healthier, it leaves my skin feeling moisturised instead of squeaky (which I love in the morning but not at night time). Even when I didn’t exfoliate for a week to check it wasn’t that – yes! Beautifully soft skin still. Love it.
I was concerned that using an oil would break me out. I’ve used this for about 5 weeks (including the sample) and no spots. I think if it was going to have this very negative effect I would have seen it by now. Usually when a product is going to break me out I will know it within a week. I was also concerned it would leave my face an oil bath – this has not been the case. Sure, I probably wouldn’t choose to use it in the morning, though I am sure I could. It doesn’t leave any grease, just beautifully cleansed, soft skin.

I was also concerned whether it would properly cleanse my skin. Whether it was leaving make-up on my skin. I tried wiping round with a cotton pad with toner sprayed on it – no make-up left. Literally none. Perfect.

I have also used it to completely remove my makeup when I was too tired to use eye makeup remover separately. It worked wonderfully. Though when doing this I would definitely double cleanse.

Shu Uemura do several of these oils. There is one for ageing skin, dry skin, oily skin, a ‘brightening’ one… They have all the bases covered. They are all the same price. I’m tempted to try the brightening one next. You can see all the different ones on their website

What more can I tell you?? This probably isn’t for everyone but it has been pretty miraculous for me. I was initially really scared about putting any more oil on my face but honestly my skin has never been this amazing. I was lucky enough to get a sample of this in my glossybox or I would never have tried it. I will definitely be re-purchasing this when I finish it. May even try the ‘brightening’ one as it promises translucent skin – which I would adore. 
What do you think of this? Would you give it a go or does the thought of an oil cleanser send shivers down your spine?
Love xoxo

P.S. I might be raving about this but it is my honest opinion. I do honestly love this product this much. I bought my Glossybox with my own money and my full sized cleansing oil with my own money. This is the same for everything I talk about on my blog.


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