Last weeks loves

Song: Kelly Clarkson – Stronger 
Haven’t been able to get this out of my head. I think Cheryl (as she is now being called, where has the ‘Cole’ gone?) has released this? At least that is what I gathered in my half asleep state when my radio alarm woke me up on Friday. Been singing and listening to it on repeat ever since.

Book: The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
Finished reading this and I love it. Getting on the bandwagon. Little weird but a good story and the characters are appealing. Cannot wait to read the next two (photo from wikipedia).
Recipe: BBC Good Food’s smoked trout salad
Delicious, easy to make, healthy and filling. Pretty much my idea of a perfect meal. I added a fried egg to it the second day I had it. Having poached egg instead of the trout (making it a bit healthier than the fried…) would be amazing, the yolk just mixes in perfectly (photo from BBC Good Food website).

Treat: raspberry and apple juice
This just tastes like heaven and I could probably drink it by the bottle. Also, it hasn’t upset my stomach which is amazing 🙂 (photos google images)

Product: Revlon lip butter in peach parfait
Against all expectations, this was definitely my stand-out product of last week. I’ve just been loving the colour and how I can now feel completely made up on a daily basis – even at work!

Person: My mum
Yes, she’s driven me crazy this week. Really annoyed me some days and been really frustrating others. It hasn’t been an easy time for her though and I haven’t been easy either and she’s actually been a total gem. I’ve had to come off the medication I’m on for my stomach and its really been playing up. She’s made me some nice plain suppers: noodles and cheese, rice in mushroom soup anyone? That’s been amazing (photo – google images).

Fleur xoxo


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