Review: Soap and Glory face massage mini mitt

It is from Soap and Glory and it is a silicone facial buffer. I like to think of this as a £4-DIY-clarisonic haha. Its actually called a ‘face massage mini mitt’. The left hand side are longer, thinner bristles which are great for brushing all over the face. The right hand side has shorter, larger nubs which are great for round the nose, chin and between the eyebrows. I have been using this for just over two months now – long enough to see how much I liked it.

I don’t really like normal facial scrubs. My skin is quite delicate and relatively sensitive – for instance when I pluck my eyebrows my skin stays red ALL day long. If I use a normal facial scrub I just end up red and itchy. The only one I have managed to get along with is the Dermalogica daily microfoliant (not used daily!). That is a great product and it really does work. It leaves my skin feeling and looking amazing but I would only use it once a week.

When I started to use this, I realised that by varying the pressure you apply and which end of the mitt you use, you can control the level of exfoliation really well. Its gentle but effective. It has brought a whole lot of my low lying spots to the surface and my skin looks a lot clearer than it used to. In fact, I think I may even be heading towards a bit of translucent! Amazing! I have also seen an improvement in my blackheads. My skin just looks like a better version of itself. I can use this every other day without irritating my skin, with my normal cleansers.

This probably won’t do much for you if you need a relatively strong exfoliator. It may still work for you in other ways though. Its really relaxing at the end of the day to massage your face with this, always a bonus. Also, even if you have rougher skin it will get your circulation flowing and could be a nice addition to your exfoliation routine – keeping it up gently between the proper scrubs.

It’s easy to keep clean – so really hygienic. Its inexpensive and will probably work out cheaper than buying scrubs as I think this will last a good while. It works really well for me and I would really recommend this to anyone who wants an exfoliator that is gentle enough to use daily – or has sensitive skin.

I’m actually debating going out and buying another just in case they stop making them – that’s how much I love this product!

What is your favourite exfoliator? Have you tried any of the other facial brushes out there?

Love xoxo


7 thoughts on “Review: Soap and Glory face massage mini mitt

  1. Clodz says:

    Oh that looks amazing.I'll drop into my local Boots and see of they have any. They proberly won't though 😦 Do you just use it on a dry face with nothing else
    xoxo Clodz


  2. Fleur says:

    I love it. I think its definitely worth a try. Plus it being only £4 its something you can try without worrying too much about the cost!
    Love the trousers you're wearing in your post. I definitely need to go shopping and find myself a pair! xoxo


  3. Fleur says:

    I use it with my normal cleanser. Just put a blob of the cleanser onto the top of it, add some water and buff away. I find using a cleanser that lathers quite a lot works best. I have used it dry but I think for properly getting the dead skin off using it with cleanser works best.
    I found mine with the wash-bags and flannels if you're going on a hunt for it, probably not where I'd have thought to look. Literally just came across it and thought I'd give it a go! So glad I did 🙂 xoxo


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