Facial skincare routine

I’ve been trying out a few new products recently, so I was waiting to see how I was getting on with them before I showed you my skincare routine. I thought they would be pretty miraculous – and they are! I will do separate reviews on these as they kind of deserve them! So, this is what I use for my normal-combination on-the-side-of-oily-not-dry skin.

Morning routine: first I wash with Boots simple sensitive foaming cleansing wash. This always leaves my face squeaky clean but not dried out. I love that when you pump it out you get this blob of foam on you hand!
After washing this off and patting my face dry I apply Boots No.7 protect and perfect serum to my t-zone, this works really well to hold my foundation in place and stop me getting oily. Then Boots simply sensitive anti-redness serum to my cheeks and neck. This works wonders on the redness in my cheeks – I’ve noticed a considerable decrease in redness since I have started using it. 
I then spray toner all over my face. I have decanted the Simple soothing facial toner into a travel mister. I find this just refreshes and helps the products sink into my skin. I will also spritz this over my make-up in the afternoon if I need refreshing – it instantly peps it up! I’m going to try more toners – I have no problems with this one but I do feel there might be something better out there.
I then apply Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser all over my face, applying a double layer over the top of my nose and cheeks where I need a bit more coverage. Then use the Boots simply sensitive protecting day moisturiser SPF15 on my neck and decolletage. 
If I am not using the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser I will apply the Boots day moisturiser over my whole face. I’m not the biggest fan of this product, it takes quite a while to sink in, so not great for a day when you are rushed. However, it is the right moisture level for me and I like that it contains SPF. It is also pretty cheap – so I will repurchase this but I’m on the lookout for something a little better.

My night time routine: I start by removing my eye make-up with the Boots essentials fragrance free eye make-up remover. This isn’t my favourite but it does work really well and doesn’t irritate my eyes. I will do a review of my favourite when I re-start using it once this one is finished.

I then apply Shu Uemura cleansing oil over my face and massage it in. Add a little water to emulsify it before washing off. Then pat dry. I will review this later – I’m in love with it. If my face is truly a greasy sticky mess I will wash with a small amount of the day time foaming cleanser before I use this to get my double cleanse in.

I then apply Boots essentials fragrance free calming lotion to my face and neck and spritz with toner and wait for that to sink in. Funnily, I bought this thinking it was the eye make-up remover and used it as such for a few months before giving it up as hopeless and buying a different eye make-up remover. It was only when I moved home and combined all my products that I noticed a difference in colour between my eye make-up removers… Yep. This one wasn’t what I thought it was. UGH. However, I decided now I knew what it was I might as well try it for its intended purpose and I really like it *sighs*.

I then apply my Boots essentials cucumber moisturising cream over the top of that. There are probably (/definitely) better creams out there than these two I am using. They don’t break me out, they moisturise well, they’re cheap, they smell good… If it aint broke don’t fix it? I’ve been using the cucumber moisturising cream as my night cream for about 10 years now… I’m more interested in finding a better day cream. I think the only addition I would make to my current night time skin care routine is including the Estee Lauder advanced night repair. I used this for a while and it did improve my skin.

Exfoliation: This beauty above is what I use for my exfoliation. Its the Soap and Glory facial massage mitt. I’ve got a review of it coming up – so I will talk about it there! I use this every other day.

What are your favourite skin care products? I’m always on the hunt for great skin care so if you have something amazing to recommend me I would love that!

Fleur xoxo


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