Re-Review of the Revlon Lip Butters

So, I told you a while ago about how I had bought a Revlon lip butter in peach parfait. Initially I didn’t like it at all! I found the glitter (and it is glitter – not shimmer) all together too much, really gritty on my lips and I just wanted to wipe it straight off! NOT ideal…

However, I’m the kind of girl who believes in perseverance, repeatedly trying things and only giving up when I feel I really have no other choice but to (that doesn’t happen very often). Never discount something immediately.

So, what I did was I put my lip butter in my lab coat pocket. Oh yes! I’m one of those crazy ladies who lives in the prep room wearing a white lab coat and quite often safety specs (I’m not actually that crazy, though I had insane hiccups today and the looks I got from some of the kids were hilarious to say the least). Anyway, this means over the past week, I have used it all-day every-day. I’m still not appreciating the glitter. But I am appreciating pretty much everything else about this product.

  • It is THE perfect everyday colour for my lips.
  • It is really hydrating. I’ve barely been using lip salve during the day its that hydrating!
  • It’s leaving my lips looking fuller and kind of plump – something they rarely look like.
  • Its easy to apply. I don’t have time to pop to a mirror. I can slick this on without worrying. It just works.
  • I feel more ‘made-up’ without any more effort than I normally put in. 
  • It’s quite hard to get it to transfer to the teeth – so I know I’m not wandering round with lipstick teeth (always a worry…)!
The two downsides to this particular lip butter are the glitter and that it does seem to have stained my lips – the latter doesn’t bother me, I quite like the colour my lips have become!
Another downside is how fast I am getting through it. I would imagine at my current rate of usage (about 4/5 applications a day, 5 days a week) I will have finished this in just over a month. This doesn’t overly concern me as I could get through a normal lip balm in about the same time. 
Would I re-purchase this? Probably not. The glitter is still a massive issue for me. HOWEVER, I will be checking out the other shades and trying to find one I like that doesn’t have the glitter in… Recommendations would be welcome! About to start trawling blogs for swatches.
Love xoxo

2 thoughts on “Re-Review of the Revlon Lip Butters

  1. Fleur says:

    I'd say go for it. There are shades without the glitter, plus you might not find the glitter as much of a problem as me – I'm pretty fussy about how what I put on my lips feels. Plus they are a great halfway point between a tinted lipbalm and lipstick. I'm definitely going to be buying a shade that doesn't have the glitter. These and the L'Oreal rouge caresse's (which I still prefer) are definitely becoming my favourite lip products!



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