Dressing table tour

On Monday I changed my room around a bit. My mum received a new chest of drawers that she wanted to put in my room. Initially I was very opposed to this idea but I was basically told I had no option… So chest of drawers it was – meaning my room now has a grand total of three chest of drawers. Sure. The new one does actually look really nice so I’m slowly getting less annoyed. 

Plus, it meant that I fully tidied my dressing table for the first time since Christmas – which means I can show you it! Sorry the photos are awful quality – with the weather we have been having (constant rain, yay) its pretty difficult! I may do a room tour at some point but that would involve me tidying the rest of it…

On the left hand side I have a little IKEA drawer set (more drawers!). This stores most of my make-up. I also have a shoe box and an empty glossy box filled with things I use less regularly. The drawers from top left clockwise round, house: eyeshadows, cheek products, lip products, nail varnish, hair clips (mainly flowers to pin in my hair) and eye products such as spare mascara and eyeliners.

I might be moving the nail varnish into an empty glossy box soon though – I’m running out of room in my lip product drawer and it would be nice to have all my nail varnish in one place.

On top of it I have my perfume. I have bought exactly 2 of these. My mum loves buying fragrance and trying to find one she likes. She usually fails though at which point – if I like it – I get to keep it. Win win situation for me!

In front of this I have the products I’m currently using. This includes my MAC palette, powder, blush, bronzer, mascara, eyelash curlers – everything I use on a daily basis. I also have an empty candle pot with all my make-up brushes in it. I’m going to need another soon though as it is getting a bit full. I’m thinking one for my face brushes and one for my eye brushes (and eye liners that I want out).

I also have my new MAC lipsticks out as well as my L’Oreal rouge caresse’s as these are what I am currently wearing on my lips. This allows me to swap different colours in and out, whilst my general every day eyeshadow stays pretty similar from week to week (just choosing different colours from my palette), I like mixing up my lip colours a bit more!

On top of my main mirror stand I have some nail varnishes that won’t fit in the drawers. I also have a few cute earring boxes – making it easier for me to pick out which earrings I want. I pretty much only have one necklace I really like and a couple of bracelets – so for me earrings are the main thing I choose jewelry wise on a regular basis.

Close up of my every day make-up storage. Another wonder from IKEA is the mirror box drawer thing. I’ve put a little basket on top and this holds my mascara, eyelash curlers, eyeliners etc. Then the drawer holds an eye liner sharpener, concealers, primer, hair clips for pinning my hair back whilst doing my make-up and any loose (not in palette) eyeshadows I want out.

Here you can see my valentines day card (squee), penguins over newsprint with a heart, it had to go on my dressing table and its still there even if valentines was a while ago now. A clock so I don;’t end up late for work… Then in the corner I have my bottles – my MAC brush cleanser, hair styling products, hand sanitiser and fixing spray. In front of that I have my regular jewelry, my watches, bracelets, necklace, rings and the stud earrings I wear to work (the cute button ones I bought from etsy).
Hope you enjoyed seeing my dressing table 🙂
Fleur xoxo

2 thoughts on “Dressing table tour

  1. Fleur says:

    Aw 🙂 thank you. That's so sweet of you! Just about to check out Nicole and Siobhan, I love seeing other peoples favorite blogs, its how I've found a lot of the ones I adore. xoxo


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