Campfire Cupcakes!

Whilst I was with my boy, I made some cupcakes. I kind of promised to make him some the last time he came to stay with me… That didn’t happen. I’m blaming being too involved in watching the first series of american MasterChef on YouTube (which btw is amazing if you like MasterChef or just american shows in general, amazing). Sooooo, when I went up this time I was determined to actually make some cupcakes. I chose this recipe from the BBC Good Food website. Unfortunately, the little shop we went to didn’t quite have the right ingredients. So caster sugar was used and chopped chocolate buttons instead of chocolate chips. Oooh, and for the topping I used some large marshmallows (don’t toast these – DISASTER) and slightly melted white chocolate buttons. They tasted pretty nice and they certainly disappeared fast enough.

Excuse the work surface, I didn’t clean it down as nothing I was doing involved directly touching food onto it… 

I would definitely make these again. They were really moist and soft. Plus, whilst I’m not a massive chocolate cake fan, I think pretty much everyone else is! I think I would make a white chocolate ganache for the top next time as I really liked the combination with the white chocolate buttons. 
Love, Fleur xoxo

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