As, you can probably tell, I’m a tad obsessed with make-up. I have been pretty much since I was 11/12, loving wandering into my local high street chemist and swatching everything. Even before that though I was styling my barbies hair, dying it with highlighters, giving them different looks using gel pens, painting their nails and using those temporary nail tattoos with a slick of clear nail varnish over the top to give them a ‘tattoo’.

So, I’ve managed to gather a reasonable collection of make-up over the years. I also get given a lot of make-up and whenever I read a magazine I will pull out any free samples and EVEN read the adverts to see if they are offering a free sample if you take the advert in (this is less commonplace now I think). So I used to go on trips to my local department store and wander round with these adverts and collect up all these free samples. Perhaps a little cheeky but they were the ones offering them! Plus, this did actually result in me purchasing several products. My first mascara was a sample, then my first mascara I bought… Lancome. The first lipstick I bought, again tried from a sample originally – Estee Lauder. Maybe from this you can see why I enjoy my glossybox so much!

I didn’t really have internet access when I was younger and I don’t think beauty blogs were really around in the way they are now. So I used to go to my library and get out every single book on make-up and hair I could. When I subscribed to Vogue for the first time (aged 12, as you do), I got a free beauty book. I love it still. I couldn’t even count the number of hours I must have spent pouring over it. As a result of this, my first lip pencil was MAC’s spice. The first eyeshadow I bought (I had used eyeshadows before – but they were stolen from my mums collection…) was from MAC. I went straight in at medium to high end products.

I never really looked back until recently. There were always some things I bought from the high street. Nail varnish being the main culprit. Skincare and haircare I tried high end products but never really loved them. Estee Lauder advanced night repair and idealist being the exceptions. I also managed to try a lot of things with my Vogue subscriptions. I always waited till there was a good product to get before I resubscribed. There pretty much always was – Liz Earle cleanse and polish starter set, benefit eyeshadow pallet and lipstick, nails inc nail varnishes…

Being canny, reading up on products, having amazing family and friends and sometimes just being that little bit cheeky has definitely given me the collection I have today. I do think its amusing that now I have the money, I’m more into looking at high street brands. Yet when I was younger and had about Β£20 a month to buy everything from bus tickets to clothes to deoderant to toothpaste, I used to scrimp and save to get myself that MAC eyeshadow, Dior perfume, Lancome lip gloss. I’m glad I did though because it means I now have an amazing make-up collection (I know, I know you’re supposed to bin everything after so much time… I’m the only person using these products, I’ve never had eye or lip or skin infections, I use them hygienically with brushes, they still look and smell fine.).

Anyway, I just felt like a bit of a reminisce. How did you get into make-up? Where were your first purchases from?

Love Fleur xoxo

P.S. a picture to end: where I have been writing my notes to go with the photos I take, so I can remember the order I say swatched things, or the eye shadows I used to create a look. I think its a pretty cute notepad (it was a Christmas gift too πŸ™‚ I love it when a gift is just perfect, don’t you?). It’s designed by Emma Bridgewater who I do love:

I love the fact it says ‘doodles, scribbles, ideas…’ down the side.

3 thoughts on “Obsessions

  1. Clodz says:

    Oh i love makeup! I am only fourteen though so i do buy highstreet products Catrice, Rimmel, NYC and Essence being my favourites. I'm not much of a lipstick girl though i don't like them i think they are drying and i can't properly apply them no i much prefer lipgloss sometimes just even Vaseline as i think they make your teeth appear whiter. I am obsessed with skincare products even more so than actual make up. Thank God i have been blessed with good skin though. Obviously i do breaakout once in a while but I take care to make sure that doesn't happen. I wrote a blogpost about how i do ithttp://laughandhope.blogspot.com/2012/04/clear-skin-tips.html
    I love your blog because i think i can relate to you
    xoxo Clodz


  2. Fleur says:

    High street products are amazing. Some of the things I find myself reaching for on a daily basis are from the high street, either from Boots Natural Collection (literally cheap as chips but so good!) or from Rimmel (where my first eyeshadow was from – another present haha πŸ™‚ I wore it every day for a good year before I even thought of buying a different one I loved it that much). I'm actually making myself try more generally affordable products. It's so nice to pop into a chemist and come out with a handful of things for Β£10, instead of 1 thing.

    Haha, it took me forever to get into lipstick. Whilst I love them now, even so a lot of the time I'll go with a tinted lipbalm just for convenience πŸ™‚ I think it keeps my lips looking healthier and plumper too. If you do want to get into lipsticks, I'd defo recommend the L'Oreal rouge caresse's. They pretty hydrating, not toooo coloured (not so much worrying about transfer to teeth), easy to apply and not too expensive. But if you're enjoying your glosses stick with them πŸ™‚

    I did read your blogpost! I used a very similar kind of routine when I was your age. It certainly got me through my teenage years without any full on breakouts, always good. I think starting on skincare early is really important. Also, the better your skin… The better, frankly everything, but especially make-up is (y).

    My skin is pretty tricky. Its not bad per se. I very rarely have a breakout. I just get little bumps under my skin and blackheads. Its also pretty fragile and sensitive *sighs*. Masks tend to bring me out in a rash and too much exfoliating just leaves me itchy and red. So SO frustrating. I have found some good products recently though and my skin is improving dramatically. I'm even getting some of my bumps to come to the surface. Whilst turning my face into a spotty hell isn't ideal, at least after its looking better! I just want to continue using these products for a bit longer before I blog about them to make sure its not just a superficial effect. Fingers crossed!

    Fleur xoxo


  3. Clodz says:

    My skin is the same way i have the WORST blackheads on mY tzone and my chin and no matter what I do the feckers won't move 😦 It doesn't bother me really that much the bumps on my skin because i can't see them but they do feel icky
    xoxo Clodz


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