Lip Lust

I love my lip products. Mainly lipsticks… I was trying to think of a treat I could buy when I finish this infernal coursework. Lipstick kept on popping into my mind. What colour though? At that point I realised I could probably do with getting all my lipsticks out and having a swatching session. Here is the result!

My lip product box. They all fit in here! Okay, that’s kind of a lie. This doesn’t contain my new purchases (Revlon lip butter and L’Oreal rouge caresse’s…) nor does it contain my burgeoning collection of lip salves.

First up the pinks:

From top to bottom:

  1. MAC sheen supreme in quite the thing
  2. Estee Lauder electric intense lipcreme in 704 amourose
  3. MAC lustre lipstick in lustering 
  4. Boots Natural Collections moisture shine in pink mallow
  5. Boots Natural Collections moisture shine in pink orchid
  6. L’Oreal colour riche in 216 rose printemps

The only colour I’m not so sure on is number 4, I’m saving it for summer to see if it looks better with a tan. If it doesn’t its probably hitting the bin (so cheap I don’t feel I need to search for a new owner).

The pink that got away, this was in my handbag! I couldn’t find it! Then I remembered…

 My Rimmel London lasting finish lipstick in 086 Sugar Plum. I adore this. It was a Christmas gift from my mum. Its pinky and purpley and with that little bit of shimmer. Its stayed in my handbag since then.


From left to right:

  1. Rimmel London lasting finish by Kate lipstick in 01
  2. Avon in red 2000 (not sure which formula…)
  3. Rimmel London rich moisture lipstick in 321 diva red

I think its slightly weird how my first two red purchases were almost the same colour (no’s 2 and 3). The Kate lipstick is definitely my favourite. I’m still unsure of how much I like a red lip, I find it difficult to wear, I wear a lot of pink, its really obvious when its transferred to the teeth… This is why all of these are high street chemist purchases. I think the Avon was possibly even free when I bought another product…

I called this the nude section in my notes… Then I started swatching. Its definitely more a browny-orangey section! Anyway, here goes:

 Don’t you just love it when you’re photos decide to rotate a random way when you upload them…

Anyway, top to bottom (top photo) or left to right (bottom photo):

  1. Revlon colourburst lipstick in fashions night pout (Yes, I WAS a lucky winner of this shade 😀 too much reading the Vogue beauty blog…)
  2. No7 moisture drench in 10 bare (SPF 15 – this was the only one I noticed an SPF on)
  3. Boots 17 shine on in terra-cotta spice
  4. Boots 17 shine on in honey frost
  5. Benefit LP54 in hug it out
  6. Chanel rouge coco in 06 egerie

I actually love all of these. They have all, at some point, been in my handbag and worn on a daily basis. Definitely more browny-orange than nude…

The random one:

Shu Uemura rouge unlimited in WN 296. This looks a little weird swatched – like a browny-purple? It actually looks pretty nice on the lips. Its a good plummy winter shade.

Lip pencils:

From top to bottom:

  1. No7 perfect lips pencil in 25 melon. 
  2. MAC spice 
  3. Natural Collection liplines in mulberry

Love all of these. The top two more for summer. I find lip pencils great for travelling. Small, easy to apply in a defined way without a lip brush and you can take more colours for your space. Still – for the sheer range of colours lipstick will win every time.

Lip gloss:

Ohhh and this one rotated too… Frustrated face. So, I bought… 2 of these. One of which was with a £5 off No7 voucher… All the rest were gifts or came free with something else. Can you tell I’m not really a lip gloss fan. Yet, I own 15 and a pallete of them. Don’t get me wrong I used to love lipgloss, I used to wear it every day at school. Then I got older and moved on to lipstick. I’m having a debate as to whether to pass these on to better homes… They’re in the main barely used. And the ones that are used could be binned.

So, which ones of these do I like and would repurchase…

  1. MaxFactor vibrant curve effect lip gloss in 05 bubbly. This feel sheer on the lips, looks nice and just works for me. I have the travel size as it came free when I bought mascara – twice! So, they’re great for travelling with!
  2. Smashbox O-gloss gold. This was a gift, came in a gift set with 4 other products (great present from my favourite aunt). It’s supposed to adapt to your lips and I think it actually does. Anyway, it just looks good on and isn’t too sticky or too glossy or too shiny.
  3. Collection 2000 cream puff. I like the fact these go on matte. They are quite drying but nothing a bit of lip salve can’t sort. Again non-sticky, non-glittery just great.

So, I guess my biggest bug bear with lipgloss is that they’re usually gloopy and sticky and feel disgusting. Also, so many seem to have chunky glitter in them which I hate the feel of. So, time for a bit of binning and re-homing.

Ooooh, two other coloured lip products are my Topshop lip marker and MaxFactor lipfinity lasting liptint in 03. My lip stains. I find the Topshop one a gorgeous colour but hard to wear and I went through a phase of living in my MaxFactor liptint but I just got a bit bored. I’m sure I’ll come back to it in summer though when its at its most useful.

So, now I just need to decide what to add to my collection. Maybe a coral? Or a true nude? Or a really, super bright pink? I’ll let you know what I decide!

 Love Fleur xoxo


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