Mugs a plenty

Mugs are one of my favourite things. You’ve already heard how much I love my tea and coffee – obviously I also love having a pretty mug or cup and saucer to drink it from… Here are two of my current favourites:

This was a birthday present from my granny. The story goes a bit further than that though. My godmother bought it from a car boot sale. At her daughter, my cousins, wedding, in the afternoon tea was served. Each person had their own cup and saucer, similar to this one, which at the end of the day they were to take away and to give to someone they love. I was supposed to be attending this wedding but for a very sad reason I wasn’t able to. So its extremely special for my to have this and for my granny to have given it to me ❤ It is also absolutely beautiful and I actually have it in my bedroom so I can look at it everyday.

This mug from Paperchase was from my boy. I love it so much and am always using it, its my ideal mug. It’s literally the most adorable thing ever. It also remind me of him and as we live a fair way apart its nice to have this to use and smile on a daily basis. Isn’t he the best and cutest ever ❤ literally managing to get it so right.

Sorry for the photo overload today guys. I just really wanted to show you these!

Love Fleur xoxo


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