Things that have been making me happy today

Badger lip and body balm in tangerine breeze. I love the little motto round the side: Try it. Use it. Never lose it.

So, I’ve had a pretty boring and busy day. Loads of coursework being completed here. These are the things that have kept me going today. Not entirely healthy but there we go. I’ll have a health kick after Easter 🙂

Marks and Spencer pizza with bacon and mushrooms – YUM

Lovely candles

Haribo – my favourite type of sweet.
Garlic bread – ready to go in the oven

Ready to eat *munch*

I feel the garlic bread needs a story. I love garlic bread. Ridiculous amounts. In fact, I kind of just love garlic. To the point where on my like second date with my boy the subject of garlic bread came up… I said something like “do you like garlic bread”, to which his response was “would that be a deal-breaker then?”. Yes, yes it would be. LUCKILY, he does like garlic bread. I’m not sure if its as much as me but we eat it all the time when we’re together. This is probably because he knows I adore it… Isn’t he the best ❤ I hope he doesn't mind me talking about him and sharing this. If he does he can tell me, hmm?

Anyhoooo, I made this garlic bread myself. I used the ready to bake baguettes. Cut deep slices into it about 3cm apart but not all the way down to the bottom. I then combined approx 50g of margarine with 3 crushed garlic cloves (yup, I lurve my garlic). I then spread this into the slices and across the top. I baked it in a fan oven at 180C for about 15mins. Till it started going golden on top.

Do you have treats for when you’re having a tough / boring day? Do you love garlic as much as me? Is that possible? 😛

Love Fleur xoxo


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