So, I really like it when the bloggers/youtubers I regularly read/watch talk about their favourites. Whether that is their favourite beauty products of the month or their favourite bloggers/youtubers. So at the end of every month I am going to try to do one of these posts.

Now, I know it isn’t the beginning, end or really anything of this month now but I felt the need to share my two discovery’s of today which I can tell are going to become firm favourites.

The first is my Revlon Red nail varnish. I reapplied it today, with 2 coats and it is luscious. It’s the red I’ve been wanting for ages. It isn’t too dark (though for winter I do love a deep very vampy red), it isn’t too orange, it isn’t too blue, its amazingly shiny. I’m loving it. I’ll see how well it lasts with 2 coats but I didn’t use a topcoat so I’m not necessarily expecting anything miraculous.

The second is a blog: Let’s make yu up. This girl/woman/lady (which do I use?!) is so cute. She uses a fair amount of high street brands which I find  appealing. Plus I adore her writing style. She has an easy to navigate site. I’m currently working my way back through her posts.

I’m hoping to do another look for you later. I’m not sure I’m going to manage it though. I’ve just been crazy busy writing coursework *sighs* I did, however, take photos sans make-up (eeeek :/) and with the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser this morning. So I may potentially upload those as my face of the day. Seeing as that is truly and honestly all I’ve worn today!

Love Fleur xoxo

P.S. I’ve always put ‘o’ in my kisses. I just love it. I think kisses are as important as a hug, which is what I think the ‘o’ means. Just letting you know I’m not just copying Gossip Girl 😛 much, it is my favourite tv show ever.


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