Face of the Day #5

So, today, I’m showing you my face without make-up and with my Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser on.  Here goes :/ Oh yeah, I took these photos after I got out of the shower so my hair is a bit wet.

So, without make-up:

My skin is actually looking pretty great at the moment, yeah, for me this is good. You can possibly see why I wear the make-up. I think the things you notice most are my patchy eyebrows – yep, I pencil them in quite a lot… Also, I have no real facial definition without a little bit of make-up.

Now, with the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser:

 So, there we go. That’s what I’ve been going round looking like today… As you can see (hopefully!) the tinted moisturiser evens out my skin tone a bit. It cuts some of the redness. It still looks very much like my skin. It doesn’t look like I’m wearing any product. So its basically very much a ‘my skin but better’ look.

Usually I would layer it slightly over my nose and cheeks for a bit more coverage. I just apply it with my fingers, it goes on really well. This is what I wear most days. Maybe tomorrow I’ll do my ‘work’ make-up for you 🙂 It’s pretty boring as make-up goes but at the same time its a wearable, easy, everyday look.

Love Fleur xoxo


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