Face of the Day #4

So, today I decided to go for a very bronzed, golden look. I fake tanned last night, so my skin is slightly darker than its usual beyond pale. It didn’t work that well and has gone a little, actually a lot too orange for my liking. I don’t think it shows too badly in the photographs I’ve taken *phew*. This look would be great for a summer evening on holiday, for a meal on the beach or something. The base is quite light, it doesn’t require that many products and being quite warm and having the make-up slide a little bit would probably make the look work even better. It’s easy to amp up if you were going clubbing, or tone down a little for a more daytime look.


So you can see the glow of highlighter


So, how I achieved this look:

First I mixed a small amount of Rimmel’s sun shimmer in fair matte (their 24 hour rub-on, wash-off fake tan) in with my Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser SPF20 in the shade nude. I find this is easier (and cheaper) than mixing two foundations together. You lose a bit of the consistency of the product but it usually works out alright. These two blend together well and you can actually add more of a tan. I applied this all over my face using the Real Techniques buffing brush. I went back over any places with imperfections for a little more coverage.

I then left this to sink in (actually a few hours but normally 15 mins would be about right). Before using a small amount of concealer around my eyes, nose and chin. Just a small amount really blended in.

Having done that I pencilled in my eyebrows using MAC’s fling eyebrow pencil.

I then started on my eyes. The first thing I did was apply MAC’s teddy kohl to my upper lid and blend with a finger tip. I repeated this till I had a strong colour along the lashline and in the outer corner. I then blended some along the lower lashline (not in the waterline, in the actual lashes).

Having done that, using a Ruby and Millie eyeshadow brush I applied MAC’s naked lunch across the lid. Then MAC’s hoodwinked in the same areas as the teddy liner – along the lash line and into the outer corner as well through the lower lashline. I then blended this using MAC’s 224 brush. Using the Ruby and Millie brush again I took a small amount of MAC’s amber lights and pressed this into the area between the middle of the eye and the outer corner. I also patted a small amount onto the lower lashline, in the innercorner. So forming almost a diagonal across the eye. Not noticeably so but it gives a nice effect.

I finished off the eyes using MAC’s teddy on the upper and lower waterline, curling my eyelashes and applying MaxFactor’s false lash effect mascara.

For my cheeks I used Becca beach tint in watermelon. Smoothing that across the apples and back across the cheekbone. Using my Soap and Glory kabuki brush I applied Bobbi Brown illuminating bronzer in the shade antigua across the tops of my cheekbones, my forehead, down my nose and a dab on my chin. I then applied NARS the multiple in orgasm as a highlighter at the top of my cheekbones and into the brow bone using the Real Techniques contour brush.

I finished it all off with a slick of a Revlon lip butter in the shade peach parfait (continuing the golden shimmery feel).

I will definitely be wearing this look a lot in summer. Maybe I can even try and take some better photos of it then / get someone to take a photo of me…

Thank you for reading 🙂

Love Fleur xoxo


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