Face of the Day #3

I’m sorry I’m posting this a day late, I did do this face yesterday but ended up doing it quite late on for a couple of reasons. The main one being, my mums friend. Basically, I love trying make-up out on my mum and she enjoys it too because she gets to try new looks and find products that really work for her. She happened to mention this to her friend, who was also excited by this idea! She has a wedding coming up and was hoping I could help her choose make-up for it. So yesterday afternoon, when I was going to be doing my make-up for this, she popped round. We had fun trying a few looks and actually came up with one she really liked. So much so that she’s asked me to go round and do her make-up before the wedding! I’m really excited by this as I’m sure you can imagine.

Anyway, back to my FOTD. On twitter one of the models I follow is Doutzen Kroes @doutzen. She’s amazingly beautiful and happened to tweet this photo of herself:

How insanely beautiful?

This made me remember how much I loved Jessica Rabbit’s make-up (well, actually, everything really…). So I promptly went to google images.

That, is some amazing make-up. Sure, it helps that she’s a cartoon and designed to look as stunning as it gets. Eyeliner and a red lip is a really classic look though. This one with its contouring, high eyebrows and immaculate eyeshadow is just even better. I had to have a go at recreating it!

So, these are the photos of my finished attempt. They aren’t the best (they’re more the best of a bad lot) as I was taking them at night and I don’t have anywhere with great lighting. When I find my desk lamp I can use that. Oh and yeah, the whole stripey top does make it a bit ‘mime’ in places. Again, below, I have written about how I achieved it and the products I used.

Showing the eyeshadow and liner.

I’d probably contour my cheekbone in slightly higher next time.

Flash was an even worse idea…

I started off by applying a thick base of MAC’s mineralize SPF15 foundation in NW15. Using MAC’s stippling brush, no. 130.

I then used my collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in light 2. I applied this to any blemishes, moles, slight imperfections and under my eyes. Basically to give a completely flawless finish. I used the Real techniques brush to pat this in, then went over with the MAC stippling brush. I repeated this on my moles to make them almost disappear.

I set this using MAC’s mineralize skinfinish natural in light. I patted this onto my skin, ensuring I caught all the shine and blotted it out. This left me with a matte finish but glowing from beneath the skin. If that makes any sense! I used my lancome fluffy small powder brush to do this (I’m going to have to find out what this is called…)

After that, I used MAC’s omega eyeshadow in my eyebrows using a ruby and millie angled eyeshadow brush. Brushing them out with a brow comb (no writing on it but from one of the large high street chemists – cost about £3). Creating a high defined look. I’m quite lucky I have relatively high eyebrows – so this look works quite well. If you have really low eyebrows then this might not work so well for you.

Then, using the picture of Jessica Rabbit for guidance I started on my eyeshadow. Following the loop shape you can see in the picture I started filling in my eyelid with MAC’s Kid eyeshadow. I used a topshow eyes brush to do this. Again no numbering but its the short-fat eyeshadow brush.

I used the same brush to then apply MAC’s handwritten to my crease and up to the top of that loop. sweeping round.

Using a Ruby and Millie eyeshadow brush I applied a small amount of MAC’s naked lunch to the inner corner of my eye – for a bit of a highlight effect.

Then, I used the lancome brush to blend this all at the same time. In gentle, sweeping circles across the whole eye.

Using my Smashbox jet set waterproof eye liner in midnight black and a ruby and millie angled brush, I started to put in the black flick. I did the top half first, then the bottom line. It ended up a tiny bit black swan… I’m going for the excuse ‘I felt like updating the look a little, making it more modern…’, yes.

I then curled my eyelashes (oooh, I use my mums literally ancient boots eyelash curler. I’m going to go through the rubber pad at some point but its absolutely amazing and I will be most upset when that happens). Using MaxFactor’s masterpiece max mascara, I applied 2 thick coats. I didn’t feel the need for false eyelashes as this extended my eyelashes well but you could apply false eyelashes here if yours aren’t up to it.

I then used my Boots Natural Collections blush in sugar plum to contour my face. I used my MAC 116 blusher brush to do this. Applying it under the cheekbones down to the jaw bone and down each side of my nose to thin it out.

I finished off by doing my lips. I used my MAC spice lipliner to create the shape I wanted. Then using a lip brush, I think this one was from a Claire’s accessories set :/ it actually works pretty well – hence why I haven’t replaced it. I applied Rimmel London’s lasting finish by Kate lipstick in 01 to my lips (gorgeous colour, gorgeous scent, lasts amazingly – good lipstick). I finished this off with a dab of Lancome Juicy tube in a colour it doesn’t say on the packet (it was a gift set on mini ones) but its a butterscotchy gold colour.

I hope you like this look. I’m definitely going to do both the eyes and lips as separate looks. Like the eyes with a muted lip or the lips with a really simple black flick on the eye.

Love Fleur xoxo


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