A Beautiful Decaf Latte

I had to share this with you, I just made a pretty much perfect decaf latte – at home! Using Kenco instant coffee! This makes me pretty unbelievably happy as I do love my latte’s and always going to a coffee shop isn’t practical (I live a fair way from the nearest one) and its also expensive. I could totally justify the expense when I was buying ‘proper’, caffeinated coffee… Decaf coffee is another matter. Whilst with proper coffee you can tell the difference, really notice when a coffee is great or when its just not amazing. Decaf always seems to taste the same, a little bit weird.

So, why have I made this switch? Basically, I have acid reflux. Severe acid reflux. Not the ‘I’ve had a really massive meal followed by a heavy night out and I now feel a bit of heartburn’ kind. No, full on, every day, every hour, every minute whooshes of acid. Not what anyone wants. You know how you feel when you’re about to throw up and you get a mouthful of bile (sorry, that’s a little gross but…) that’s how I feel a lot of the time.

I was on medication because it became so bad but my doctor took me off it (basically he thought I was a massive drinker and just needed to cut that down). So, I started doing some research on the internet and the array of conflicting advice was INSANE. A lot of it seemed to be for fat, old people who needed to lose some weight and then they’d be fine. I’m not in that category. I’m a relatively healthy, 22 year old whose weight is definitely within the normal weight limits. I didn’t like the advice the internet was giving me.

What did I do? I started a food diary. I wrote down exactly what I ate and drank all the way through the day. I took some of the advice because it made some sense. Like cutting down alcohol consumption, limiting acidic fruits and fruit juices, not eating spicy foods and eating smaller meals. These were consistent across the internet and the reasoning behind them seemed sound.

The first thing I discovered was tea. My lovely, beautiful tea. Instant acid reflux. I tried all my teas. Maybe it was just the dark teas? I tried green tea, I tried chamomile tea, I tried hot squash, I tried fruit teas. Hot drinks were not the problem. Fruit teas had varying effects (red berry tea was a massive no-no). The overriding feature of all the teas that caused me problems was the caffeine. 

I love my tea, my coffee. Love them. Love the instant pick-me-up a cup of tea can have. Love the ritual of having a cup of tea while I do my make-up in the morning. Love sitting down to afternoon tea with a teapot and dainty cups and saucers. Love grabbing a coffee mid afternoon. Love the Christmas coffee’s. 

They had to go though. I can’t say this was easy. I really thought it would be, “I don’t actually drink that many cups of tea” said I. I spent weeks wandering around feeling awful and half asleep. I found it hard to do work, socialise. It took me forever to wake up in the morning. It was amazing how much of an effect a few cups of tea and coffee a day was having on me. 

Eventually, I came out the other side of this. I started feeling better. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when life is a bit tough and I crave the caffeine hit. Overall though I actually feel great, amazing. I can still have my cups of tea (albeit decaf), most places do offer decaf tea/coffee though some don’t which can be frustrating.

So, yes, making my perfect decaf latte was the highlight of today. It’s possible it could be the highlight of this week.

I will talk more about my acid reflux at a later point. Talk about what I’ve been through and what I’m about to go through. I think medical problems are interesting. What people have to live with on a daily basis. I think I’m very lucky this is all I’ve got and that cutting out certain foods can make a lot of difference. I hope you will also find it interesting to read about.

Love Fleur xoxo


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