Lip Product Update

So, I’ve been trying out my Revlon Lip Butter and my L’Oreal Rouge Caresse’s all this week! I’ve had them on at work (when I really can’t stop to use a mirror to apply them), when I went to a quiz for charity, when I went out for drinks and just generally during the day time.

I’ve loved them. They haven’t dried my lips out like a lipstick would. I haven’t ended up with product all over my face even when applying without looking in the mirror as they are quite sheer. Also, the shape of the end is quite suited for applying to the middle of the lip and rubbing the lips together to spread the colour over the lips.

The two I took into work were the lip butter in peach parfait and the caresse in nude ingenue. On the lips both are quite similar colours. The lip butter is slightly more conditioning and also more glittery. I’m not sure I appreciate the glitter as I found after a couple of applications to top up the colour my lips felt quite gritty. You can see this glitter in the photo I have taken of it on my lips. I will be continuing to keep both at work as they are lovely ‘my lips but better’ colours, see below:

Revlon lip butter in peach parfait

L’Oreal rouge caresse in nude ingenue

The colours I have been wearing out are the cheeky magenta and aphrodite scarlet. I had so many complements on the cheeky magenta, it matches one of my bright pink cardigans perfectly (oh, did I mention my favourite colour is pink??!). So I’m pretty much in love with that one and it may take up permanent residence in my handbag. I’ve already shown you the aphrodite scarlet in an earlier post but here they are again:

Aphrodite Scarlet

Cheeky Magenta

They look relatively similar in these photographs but the cheeky magenta is more pink and more of a pastel than the aphrodite scarlet.

So, I love wearing these. They’re an easy, wearable lip product with perfect colours for spring and summer. I fully intend on going back into boots and taking advantage of the 3 for 2 again to get a few more colours!

Love Fleur,


P.S. the Revlon Red nail varnish I talked about in the same post is a lovely, bright, almost postbox red. It’s got an orange tone with one coat but is deeper (and personally I think) nicer with 2 coats. Application was not the easiest but it dries quickly and is lasting well so far.


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