Mascara on Trial

So, this week I have been trying all the mascaras I have. Mainly because I tried the Lancome Hypnose in my glossybox and wanted to see how my others compared to it. I’ve taken photos of each just after I applied it each morning, I’m wearing exactly the same eye make up in each to make it a fair comparison. I’ve also applied just one layer of each to curled eyelashes.

So, on Monday, I used my Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara (Full lashes, natural look), in the colour black/brown. I am coming to the end of the bottle so it might not be as good as it would be normally. This is my usual mascara and I love it. It isn’t waterproof but it seems to cope well with my relatively regular outbursts of tears! It doesn’t flake or smudge. It just stays looking great all day.

On Tuesday, I used my Max Factor MasterpieceMax Mascara (high volume and definition mascara), in the colour black. This is easy to apply, lasts well and is buildable for more impact.


On Wednesday, I tried the Bourjois Elastic Mascara (+130% more visible length), in the colour black. The brush is horrible, its hard to apply and clumps really easily. It also smudges really easily and starts to look horrible quite quickly. Not ideal. Also, the length claims… Not really! It definitely does not look as good as the two above.

Thursday was the turn of Maybelline Volum’ Express (turbo boost waterproof, up to 5x volume), in the colour turbo black. This smudged like nothing else. By the end of the day, I looked like a panda. It was everywhere. I kept cleaning it up but it kept on smudging. Then I came to take it off, now with it smudging everywhere – I thought this would be easy. More fool me, it was nigh on impossible.

Then Friday was my reason for doing this, the Lancome Hypnose Drama, in the colour excessive black. This was quite hard to apply, it is quite a liquid formula and its quite easy to spread it all over your face. I had to do a lot of cleaning up after application. Also, it clumped very easily. I managed to brush most of these out but it does make it a more time consuming mascara to use.

Overall, I think all of these mascaras look fairly similar. Despite the claims made by them all to various different effects.

I wouldn’t recommend the Bourjois or Maybelline ones to anyone, they just smudged so badly and panda eyes is never a good look.

I liked the lancome but it was so hard to apply that on a day-to-day basis I would just end up really frustrated with it. It also happens to be double or more the price of any of the others – which considering it isn’t a dramatically better mascara means I wouldn’t recommend it.

The Max Factor ones I like, they just work. Maybe they aren’t the best on the market and I have other mascaras I have been recommended that I intend to try… They’re easy to apply, they rarely clump (they do a little bit when they’re new), they stay on all day no matter what I end up doing and they’re easy to remove at night. They aren’t the cheapest for a high street mascara but there are a lot at a similar price. They do, however, last a long time. A good 4/5 months or so of every day, several layer application. So for now, I’m sticking with my Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara.

Love Fleur,


P.S. I will take a photo of the False Lash Effect Mascara when I start the new tube and see if there is a difference in performance and show you!

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