Graduation Ring!

This Thursday, I received my graduation ring. Every time I’ve done really well in a set of exams, passed a milestone, I have bought myself a ring. So I have one for my GCSE’s when I was 16, one for my AS levels when I was 17 and one for my A levels when I was 18. So it was only right that when I graduated from University I should buy myself a ring…

I’ve been looking since June and just hadn’t found anything particularly unique or interesting. This was until I got properly in to looking on Etsy. This is basically a kind of eBay for artists and designers to sell their work. You don’t bid, it is a fixed price but that’s the closest analogy I can think of. Lots of little shops that you can find from this main site.

On Etsy you can also ‘favourite’ items and follow other peoples ‘favourites’ thus finding more items. I think this is a really interesting feature.

So, my ring looks like:

I bought it from this shop on etsy, I’ve linked straight to the ring itself. She has so many other beautiful items though. I will probably be buying more things as little treats from her.

My other rings, GCSE and A level (the rose one) are below, I didn’t have my AS level one on but I will take a photograph of that one sometime…

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my rings. My graduation ring is more of a statement ring and there will be days where I won’t wear that one, just the other two I’ve shown. But everyone needs a statement ring! Apologies for my weird old persons hands. Having dry skin is the bane of my existence. I don’t leave the house without hand cream in my bag… That dry. 

I will also upload photos of some of my other Etsy purchases, so you can get an idea of my taste in jewellery and how AMAZING Etsy is. I’m in love with it haha.

Love Fleur,



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