The Sunday Times Beauty Awards

Okay, last post of today I promise!

So, my mum buys the Sunday Times and I quite enjoy the Style magazine. Sure, most of the clothes are out of my price range and the beauty section is pretty minuscule but it isn’t bad for a supplement.

Anyway, every year they have the Style Beauty Awards. Which everyone can vote for their favourite products. It used to be that you would type in to each section what your favourite say ‘foundation’ was. I guess that meant a lot of effort on their part databasing all that to find the winner of each category. So it has all changed.

When I went to vote today, in each category there were 6 products and you had to choose from those 6 and those 6 only. Which is fine if your favourite was amongst those. For example my favourite mascara was there for me to select. The large majority of the rest I hadn’t even tried or heard of half the options, especially in the fragrance categories. Not ideal.

So, it seems the votes will not be at all representative of peoples actual views. Which in an award that anyone can vote for, not just people within the beauty industry, that’s not great.

I guess it goes to show how much the media are willing to skew reality. A real shame and I’m now wondering how many other of these polls are similarly poorly done.

Love Fleur,



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