So, I’m new to blogging. I absolutely love reading blogs, I spend a lot of my evenings watching youtube videos and catching up on all the blogs I read. Which really inspired me to start my own, so I can share with the world (mainly) all the beauty products I’ve been trying and my opinions of them. I’ll also be including recent exciting purchases and the like 🙂 I’ve had twitter for quite a while now, so you can also follow me on there if you like @FloribundaR.

Basically, I’m a 22 year old Physics graduate. I would love to go into climate research and modelling. Not modelling as in catwalk, modelling as in computer. Yes, I’m a little bit of a nerd. However, I’m also a massive girly-girl, I adore make-up. I’ve been reading Vogue since the age of 12 and have been massively inspired by it. For ages I wanted to be a make-up artist or fashion designer but my geeky side won out. Science it was.

I currently work in a school and LOVE it. I’m in the science department – permanently stuck in a white lab coat making sure teachers have all the things they need to teach. It’s great fun, the kids are hilarious and every day is different. What more could you want from a job?!

Aside from that I’m also completing an Open University masters in Earth Science. Busy bee me! It’s not always fun and it is definitely hard work but secretly I adore it. This will probably be the first and last time I talk about it though – don’t worry. Though you never know, when I finish a module I may give myself a treat – so you might hear a tiny weeny bit about it then…

So the beauty side. I’m fair, blue eyes, mousey brown hair.

With my hair some of it is blonde other bits are on the brown side. I don’t dye my hair, it ALWAYS goes wrong when I do it myself and getting it done in a salon just seems to take forever. My hair is on the greasy side. I have to wash it every day, in the morning, otherwise it looks like I’ve been dipping my head in oil – gross! People constantly tell me that I shouldn’t be washing it everyday, that I’ll damage my hair. Or that if I stopped washing it every day it wouldn’t be as greasy. Well, I don’t use harsh, stripping shampoo’s and my hair seems absolutely fine. Also, as my hair isn’t long it doesn’t have much time to get damaged before it is cut off the end. As for the second, I tried. I did a whole university summer holiday (3 months) trying washing it everyday. Going round looking disgusting every other day. Did it make a difference… Nope.

Skin wise I have very combination skin on my face. My cheeks and neck are on the dry side of normal and my T-zone is pretty oily. Though apparently having oilier skin means I’ll age better – not complaining against that! It’s relatively sensitive but not too bad.

My body skin however is really dry, ridiculously dry. I have keratosis pilaris which is great fun – basically my skin doesn’t secrete sebum properly. So exfoliation is key for me but not too much or I itch all over for days…

So, I hope you will enjoy reading my posts. I already have lots of things I want to tell you about. I’ll try to post a couple of times a week work and holidays permitting. Perhaps more when I have lots of things to share. When I’ve been on a naughty shopping spree!

Lots of love,



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