So, I decided that after supper I deserved some time just to have fun and relax – so I did some baking. I find cupcakes ridiculously hard to bake. I’ve no idea why but it appears I’m a big cake kind of girl. I’m determined to master them though. So this is my latest batch. You have no idea how much better these look than my last lot. If you think of something a 5 year old would do that wouldn’t be far wrong!

So here are the results 🙂

They’re a lemony cake with a lemon butter icing. I’m taking these ones I’ve taken photographs of into work and the rest I’ve kept at home for my mum and I to eat. Mainly so my mum doesn’t ruin her diet!

Love Fleur,



6 thoughts on “Cupcakes!

  1. Clodz says:

    These look Fab. I love baking just hate cleaning up:)I have awful trouble baking cupcakes. They come out very dry and heavy.I have been trying for nearly two years now to perfect cream cheese icing. My mother keeps telling me to give up but the icing is too delcious i cannot let it go! It is very, very, runny and drips straight off my buns, Do you have any tips for me on how to make it thicker!!!! Thanks love the blog. Keep it up
    xoxo Clodz


  2. Fleur says:

    Aww 🙂 thank you! I'm actually one of those crazy people who finds washing up quite relaxing, so baking is the perfect thing for me to do when I wind down.

    Oh no! Have you tried the recipes that use milk in? I find they often give a lighter, moister sponge. Also, maybe try using an oven thermometer. I know a lot of the times I've had awful cakes it has been because the oven just isn't at the temperature it 'says' it is.

    Haha, I can totally understand not wanting to ditch the icing! It just finishes off the cake. Especially with cupcakes. You need it. There are a few things I've come across which this could be.

    Are you making sure your cake is perfectly cold before you ice it? I'm sure you are but its best to check 🙂

    You could be overworking the cream cheese? (try using a fork and dusting the icing sugar onto the cream cheese and mashing it in, if you use an electric whisk it could get too hot. If it does get too hot put it straight in the fridge for a good half hour and it should re-set – in general with cream cheese always try re-setting it in the fridge).

    Try making this icing on a cooler day – I've made it on one of the hottest days of the year – goo everywhere…

    Also, if you're making the more interesting, flavoured ones you could just be making it too wet.

    If its not any of these maybe just try a completely different recipe. It could just be that the ones you're working from aren't quite right. Hope that might have helped a little.

    I'm hoping to make some more cupcakes (and hopefully a large cake too) next week, hopefully they'll be photo worthy so I can blog about them! 🙂

    Fleur xoxo


  3. Clodz says:

    Nope i even tried to freeze the icing once i usually end up scooping out a hole in the cupcake and pouring in the icing!! Thanks for the tips about my cupcakes though will definetly try that! Would it be possible for you to blog the receipes aswell?
    xoxo Clodz


  4. Fleur says:

    Oh my word! Does it set eventually though? Once its on the cakes?

    Yes, I was actually thinking about this. Obviously, for copyright reasons, if I use recipes from a book I can't copy them out onto here. I will try in future to mainly blog about cupcakes where I have found the recipe online. That way I can link straight to it 🙂 Or ones where I have come up with the recipe myself – that way I can type it in.

    Fleur xoxo


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